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UL 508A Certified

Siemens Solution Partner

Charter Controls is an approved UL-508A manufacturer and adheres to all updated safety and code standards. 
Affiliated with Siemens' Drive Package Partner Program since 2012.
About Us
Charter Controls is a UL-508A industrial controls manufacturer located in beautiful Vancouver, Washington. Founded in 2004, we are certified 100% woman-owned and our highly skilled team is ready to help your business grow and thrive with custom designed industrial automation and controls systems.

Located just 10 miles from Portland, Oregon, we have developed a dependable network of suppliers that keep us abreast of new and emerging technologies in order to offer the most innovative control solutions. This support network combined with our superior skill and workmanship result in a product we are proud to stand behind.

No one knows your business as well as you do, but we know how to help you run it more efficiently and effectively. Time is money, so contact us today and let’s discuss your next project.