Human-Machine Interface

Charter Controls engineers can create HMI (Human Machine Interface) to aid in operator interface in your manufacturing or business process. As machinery and technology becomes more complex, your operators need to have a control system that is easy to understand and use. We will integrate HMI into your existing system or help you create automated systems that will increase efficiency and production.

PLC Programming

 Charter Controls has several experienced engineers that can increase efficiency by reprogramming your existing Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). Our engineers envision your complete system, including electrical and mechanical processes when programming the software. By using standard code generation,the end result is an easy-to-understand program that is consistent, reliable and easy to maintain. We program the PLC so that your technical staff can operate and troubleshoot the system.

Our engineers are well-versed in most major controller programming language, including IEC 6113 1-3, Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Schneider, Omron, Eaton and GE.


Charter Controls provides top-notch drafting/ AutoCAD and electrical design to fit the needs of your business. Our team has more than 60 years experience creating drafting solutions. Our specialty: designing PLC enclosures, power distribution architecture, VFD boards, distribution board, power factor, AC drive and wire drawing control panels. Our CAD specialists can provide 3D modeling of our design or your current system.

Charter Controls adheres to ANSI and ISO drafting standards, ASME specifications and OSHA, SEMI, SNEMA, NEMA and NFP79 safety guidelines. Working in conjunction with our panel fabrication shop, we will provide complete AutoCAD designs for all your panels and enclosures, including UL 508A, UL-698, UL-NNY, CE or CSA standards. 

Charter Controls wants to ensure your company can use our panels correctly, efficiently and that key personnel can troubleshoot potential problems. To aid in this we provide on-site training and documentation to suit the needs of your business.

Our on-site training engineers tailor instruction to the specific needs, limitations and abilities of your staff. We walk your personnel through configuration and operation as well as identifying troubleshooting issues.

Our complete, clear and easy-to-understand documentation can be customized for the needs of your company and knowledge-base of your operators.

We will remove the guesswork of start-up after installation of a control panel. Charter Controls will review your panel installation and system integration to ensure optimum performance. We will also compare the design concept with the real-world functionality to ensure the plan matches the product. Let our technicians give you assurance your production will run smoothly.

Field Services
Let us come to you. Charter Controls field support specialists can review on-site installation as well as evaluate site usability. We can adjust panels to meet with functionality issues not addressed by the design. Our goal is to keep downtime to a minimum and keep production running smoothly.

Our field support specialists provide on-site consulting, engineering and design as well as customer support and troubleshooting. This benefits your business because one field support specialist can provide solutions for the entire system.

When unexpected issues can affect performance, Charter Controls answers trouble calls 24/7 and can assist you over the phone or send one of our technicians to your place of business.  
Project Management
Project management is a key element to avoid costly overruns and incorrect installations. Our project managers test automation processes before installation to mitigate risk of downtime and production loss.

Our established project management method seeks a complete system solution for your business. Among the steps in our management method: user specifications & development, functional specifications and design, software testing, site installation evaluation, project review, follow-up & quality management.

We strive for transparency via checkpoints and bench marks to ensure your product(s) are delivered, installed and operational on time and on budget. Our management solutions are well-defined, delineated and documented and follow major national standards such as UL and CSA.

Complete Custom Engraving
Let our in-house engraving technician provide custom plates, logos and labeling for all your panels. Engraving not only adds brand identity but can also be used for documentation and identification on all devices and panels. We can engrave from your specifications or computer designs utilizing a variety of formats.